How can students learn well?


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    If a student practice regularly his study, He can learn well. Research on student learning outcomes and the generation of new kinds of relevant data in this area have produced major advances in the means of assessing the academic outcomes of engaged learning, and these important means of measurement are beginning to have a significant impact on colleges’ educational approaches. Although that process of defining and recognizing “engaged learning” and of evaluating the individuals involved in it is still in early stages, an increasing number of colleges and universities are embracing the approach.Engaged learning opportunities are featured prominently in mailings from admissions offices to high school students around the country. More than 90 percent of Cornell undergraduates opt into one form of engaged learning or another before they get their degrees. As our academic year ends, many are taking advantage of the summer break to apply, test and stretch their knowledge and skills in their hometowns, other cities and other countries.

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    Students have to listen classes attentively everyday and try to prepare their own notes at home everyday they should read at least one to two topic of their own choice according to their subjects. They can take support from google. If any topic gets tough then they can jump to another one. So they won’t get bore and can learn well.

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