Is there any kind of makeup you can’t leave the house without?

I was wondering if you can use

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    Ever been out and really wished you had your lipgloss with you? Had an unexpected encounter with your high school crush at the coffee shop and wish you could’ve done some quick primping before sitting down with him to chat? We’ve compiled a list of essential beauty products so you’ll never be caught off guard, no matter the circumstances.

    As much as we wish it would, makeup doesn’t sit stagnant throughout the day. An active lifestyle, windy climates, and many other variables can take a toll on initial makeup perfection. Remember this list of 5 beauty products you should never leave the house without and say goodbye to being caught empty-handed. Sometimes it’s hard to grab everything you need when you’re in a rush, so keep these products in your purse!

    1. Tweezers

    2. Lipstick

    3. Concealer

    4. Powder

    5. Perfume

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